Telepresenz® Starter Kits

True Digital Collaboration In The Field

Telepresenz Starter Kits: Quick Onboarding Low Risk/Commitment Digital Transformation

Our starter kits are designed for organizations interested in jump-starting their field team’s digital transformation. These kits include everything your organization needs to quickly test our field team collaboration platform capabilities, including:

RealWear HMT-1 Smart Glass
Hands-on training with your field team
Light integration with ERP, EAM or PMD systems
Workflow digitization
Pilot KPI tracking and reporting

Jump Start Collaboration

Digitally Transform Field Ops

The Telepresenz Starter Kits and PoCs are small-scale deployments that help you explore our platform and learn how a larger-scale rollout might work in your organization.


We work with a customer innovation leader to identify a business unit to run the pilot.


Operational needs, constraints and safety requirements - identify success metrics.


Wearable hardware/software platform.


We quickly train your team on platform use and co-develop digital workflows.


Run pilot for the prescribed time, supporting your team as needed.


Discuss efficacy and feasibility of a larger rollout.


Two options to get started with a Telepresenz roll-out, a low-commitment 4 week Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or a more integrated annual subscription Starter Kit.

4 Week PoC


5 Licenses
Telepresenz Remote Mentor Pro Plus platform with 5 user licenses & unlimited usage while trial lasts.
1 RealWear HMT-1 Rental
1 rental RealWear HMT-1 rugged hands-free voice controlled industrial tablets with hardhat.
Customer Success Package
Telepresenz CSP to train users and guide your POC over 4 weeks.
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Starter Kit


5-8 Licenses
Telepresenz Remote Mentor Pro Plus platform with 5 to 8 user licenses & unlimited usage for one full year.
3-5 RealWear HMT-1
3-5 RealWear HMT-1 rugged hands-free voice-controlled industrial tablets with hardhats.
Customer Success Package
Telepresenz CSP to train users and provide initial guidance.
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