Virtualize the expert in an instant

Telepresenz is an augmented reality telepresence solution that connects remote users to mentors, experts, or supervisors in their field, enabling remote learning on a scale that has never before been imagined. The Telepresenz platform enables real-time, two-way communication between a base station expert and remote users who could be in any location, anywhere in the world.

Learning Without Borders

Imagine the possibilities: being able to provide cutting-edge training to doctors, engineers, or any other highly specialized segment without the restrictions of border, travel or finance. Telepresenz reduces the costs associated with providing such expertise, making it not only possible but completely viable to work with individuals across the globe.

Telepresenz can replace or enhance your existing training systems, allowing your team to interact with top talent in their field in real-time, using techniques and technologies found in augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) innovations.


The many benefits of Telepresenz include:

• Cost sparing: reduce the cost of travel and accommodation for your expert
• Reduce time-to-deployment of your most critical functions
• Mitigate risk by reducing errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience
• Enhance your team’s capabilities and improve your service offering
• Highly customizable and secure, designed for compliance-based industries


Virtualize the expert in an instant

Smart Technology, Smart Tools

The Telepresenz base station is accessed via a browser and the software is delivered on smart glasses, allowing for hands-free activity or the use of another mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Real-Time Guidance in Three Dimensions

From the mentor side, experts can work with four or more remote users and can view exactly what they are seeing and doing in real-time. Using audio guidance and telestration, they can then direct their activity and can even transfer relevant documents, images, videos, and 3D models directly to the user’s device.

If a 3D object or model is manipulated from the base station it can be viewed on the remote device as it happens. Our telestration tool set includes arrows, boxes, and circles, providing a means for the Remote Expert to draw attention to specific items in order to provide more direct guidance.

One-to-Many Relationship

The Telepresenz platform supports a one-to-many relationship, allowing the expert to view and interact with four people or more concurrently, no matter where they are in the world. It also allows for further customization to integrate with your existing operational workflows, documents, asset management systems, network, and communications infrastructure, giving you the power to deliver much-needed guidance when, where, and how it is needed.


Improve performance

Drive enterprise efficiency

Reduce cost

Prove ROI

Care4D is making immersive technologies accessible and valuable to everyone, whether it is in an educational and training setting, a maintenance setting, or any other operational scenario. Telepresenz opens the door to endless possibilities, giving you the ability to deliver expertise wherever it is needed. With the ability to access world-class instructors or mentors, there is no telling what your team’s potential might be.

Hardware agnostic
The Telepresenz platform can be accessed from a wide range of AR devices running the Android operating system. This extends to wearables, AR headsets, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and gives you the opportunity to save even more as no proprietary hardware is required to get started.

A here-and-now experience, anywhere your expert isn’t

Telepresenz delivers value for even the most complex of instructional, training, and education scenarios. Built with highly controlled regulatory environments in mind, it is an agile solution that enables remote users to connect with experts or mentors when guidance is needed.

In too many cases, job processes or learning is hindered by the fact that critical data and information is not readily available. With a virtualized expert – who can be based anywhere in the world – your team can access immediate assistance as and when it is needed.


Telepresenz is Risk-Free!

We invite you to dive in and try our platform risk-free for 15 days. We believe that we are the absolute best telepresence solution on the market and we are willing to back it up with a guarantee. Once you discover how it is possible to improve operational efficiencies, save costs, and reduce your downtime, we are confident that you will agree.

Contact Us to speak to one of our technicians about how you can get started with Telepresenz.