Telepresenz® FOR Training

Up-to-date, effective learning for your workforce

Why Use Telepresenz®
for Training

Telepresenz® can help create a connected workforce, and enable employees to connect to the people, processes, and information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Within any industry, Telepresenz® can be used to train new hires and provide continuous education for experienced employees. Because it alleviates the need to send employees across the country for training, using our remote mentoring platform will decrease travel costs. Businesses can put the money that they’re saving into other areas of the business and increase efficiency at the same time.

You Can Trust

Increase collaboration between new and seasoned employees

  • About 27% of Telepresenz® users saw an improvement in knowledge transfer between employees.

Less downtime means more productivity

  • Trainees have their questions answered quickly with digital instructions leading to more productive workplaces.

Continuous learning for everyone

  • Live video collaboration allows for continuous education to keep workers up to date with new techniques and processes.

Using AR Solutions as Training Tools

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Consider simulation tools critical to achieving business goals over next 18-24 months

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Increased team performance

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Of worker’s acquired skills and knowledge are from experiential learning

The many benefits of
Telepresenz® include

Cost Sparing

Reduce the cost of travel and accommodation for your expert.

Save Time

Reduce time-to-deployment
of your most critical functions.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk by reducing errors caused by lack of knowledge or experience.

Enhance capabilities

Enhance your team’s capabilities and improve your service offering.

Highly customizable

Highly customizable and secure, designed for compliance-based industries.