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Sign up today and receive a 15 day free trial*
*Based on annual subscription of Basic or Pro Plans
*120 mins per user

Based on annual subscription
Great for small teams
Includes Core Telepresenz features
Based on annual subscription
Ideal for growing teams
Includes Basic features plus additional minutes of usage
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Ideal for businesses with security & regulatory needs
Includes all Basic and Pro features, plus: Enterprise server environment, dedicated support team, HIPAA & BAA and more.
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Server Environment Standard Standard Enterprise
Monthly Included Minutes 240 800 Configurable
Overage $.15/minute $.15/minute Configurable
Live Video Streaming
Concurrent Video Feeds from One/Many Users
Telestration Tools on Live Video
Chat/Text Messaging
Send Docs, PDFs, Images, Excel files in realtime
Send Media Files (mp3/mp4) in realtime
Send 3D models in realtime
Remote Capture and Telestrate
Workflow Solution
Integrations to CRMs/FSMs/IoT Frameworks
Customization of Platform
SOC2 and SSL Encryption
Encrypted Recording
AES-256 Bit Encryption
HIPAA Compliance & BAA
Commerical Andriod phones and iPhones
Commercial Andriod Tablets and iPADs
Ruggedized and Industrial Andriod phones/tablets and iPADs
Smart Glass Support**
Basic Support includes email based support and FAQs
Mission Critical Support
Based on annual subscription
Based on annual subscription
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* Browser Based
** Supported on Andriod based smart glasses


Do I get access to all features during the Trial period?

Yes, the trial period provides access to all features of the Telepresenz platform for a period of 15 days with 120 mins of usage per registered user

How many users can I have on a Trial period?

The Trial period is for first time users with a maximum limit of 5 users. If the initial purchase is made with more than 5 users, the purchase will not be eligible for the 15 day trial.

What happens when a user uses up all the allocated minutes on the Trial period?

Each user is allocated 120 mins of usage for the 15 day trial period. If any of the users completely utilize the allocated minutes and goes over the 120 minutes provided, this purchase will automatically be upgraded to the originally selected Basic Plan or Pro Plan, and the credit card on file will be charged accordingly.

Do I need a credit card to start with a Trial?

Yes, all plans require a valid credit card to get registered. There will be no charge on the credit card until the Trial period expires.

What happens when my Trial period expires?

If the purchase is not cancelled before the trial period expires, all the registered users under this purchase will be automatically upgraded to the originally selected Basic Plan or Pro Plan, and the credit card on file will be charged accordingly.

Basic Plan & Pro Plan

Is there a minimum number of users required for the Basic or Pro Plan subscription?

The Basic Plan and Pro Plan require a minimum of 5 users at the time of subscription. Additional users can be added at any time after account opening by the Account Administrator. If the initial purchase is made with more than 5 users, the purchase will not be eligible for the 15 day trial.

What happens when a user uses up all the allocated minutes on a Basic Plan or Pro Plan?

Once the minutes allocated for a user are completely utilized, the user will continue to have access to Telepresenz and will be charged for all overage minutes at USDĀ 0.15 per minute. Billing for the overage will occur on 1st day of the next month during your subscription term for overage minutes accrued for the month by all theĀ users in your account, and charged automatically to the credit card on file.

Can I upgrade from a Basic Plan to a Pro Plan?

Yes, any registered user can be upgraded from the Basic Plan to a Pro Plan at any time. If the Account has credits for a Pro License, this can be applied to the user being upgraded. If there are no available credits, a purchase of Pro License will be required to upgrade the user.

Can I have different plans on the same account?

Yes, you can pick a plan for each user individually and also have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time.

What happens when I upgrade from a Basic to Pro Plan?

At the time of upgrade, the user will avail all the benefits of the Pro Plan. The available minutes on the previous Basic Plan if any, for the month, will be forfeited and the Pro Plan will activate with pro-rated minutes for the remaining period in that month. For all future months remaining on the original subscription, the user will be eligible for the Pro Plan monthly minutes. The credit issued by the cancellation of the Basic Plan will be applied towards the cost of the upgrade to the Pro Plan, and the diference will be charged to the credit card on file.

What happens when I downgrade from a Pro Plan to a Basic Plan?

The Account Administrator will have the option to downgrade a registered user from a Pro Plan to a Basic Plan at any time. On downgrade the Pro Plan will be deactivated the following month and the Basic Plan is activated for the remainder duration of the ongoing 12 month subscription for each of the downgraded users. The difference in costs are refunded back to the credit card on file.

Deleting Users

What happens when a user is deleted from an account?

Users can be deleted from any subscription package at any time by the Account Administrator. Deleting a user frees up a license to be used for any additional user for the remainder of the subscription term.

Canceling subscription

Can a subscription be cancelled?

Yes subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of the purchase for details.

Deleting an account

What happens when I delete my account?

Account deletion is possible after all subscriptions on the account have been cancelled. Once an account has been deleted, all data will be lost and cannot be recovered. Refunds are provided for the remaining months of the subscription term not including the current month.