Audits & Inspection

Telepresenz® A&I

Telepresenz enables you to deploy remote, real-time video inspection across multiple types of devices so you can maintain business continuity. Utilize the power of your mobile devices, tablets, and smart glasses so your company can save time and money.

Our platform enables live video support in addition to self-guided digital workflows so you can be confident that tasks are executed to the highest standards. All necessary data is collected and safely stored for auditing and review.

Minimize downtime and lost production
Improve data collection and auditability
Improve inspector utilization
Improve customer satisfaction
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Simplify Control

Telepresenz provides administrators with a central access point to view and manage their full audit or inspection programs, including completion status and history of the related findings and actions. Our audit and inspection software seamlessly manages programs which identify and control risks and comply with legal and other requirements. Collect and record related details, simplifying recordkeeping. Ensure operations are in compliance with policies, permits and regulations.

Streamline Workflows

Are you ready to accelerate communication and action with automated workflows? Telepresenz helps schedule recurring or one-time activities and so your team can view them in a simple, intuitive calendar that enables users to see upcoming activities at a glance. Utilize automatic reminders and automate escalations. Ensure all actions and items resulting from a safety, quality, or environmental audit are satisfactorily completed and closed, and easily generate effective reports to review audit and inspection results.

Empower Your Connected Workforce

Elevate your field workforce with mobile-friendly inspections, robust notifications, and reminders that keep your teams productive while in the field, online or offline, and on virtually any device. Telepresenz helps your employees to complete audit and inspection tasks through an intuitive interface – enabling them to complete questionnaires, audit checklists, record findings, and stay on top of their assigned work.

Fully Configurable

Create any type of audit or inspection and capture all the relevant details. With Telepresenz, you can customize audit check-sheets, auto-generate findings based on question responses, and include risk ratings for each finding.

Telepresenz transports you to the job-site digitally so you can quickly assess the situation and take action. Cut down on onsite visits by 50%+ and reduce triage and decision-making time by as much as 70%.


Less Site Visits


Faster Decisions


Less Downtime

Simplified Compliance

Checklists can be created or added from providers such as RegScan, Enhesa or STP (need to double check). Casual non-expert users can readily navigate their tasks anywhere on any device. Tasks may be started or completed via the Telepresenz mobile app so findings can be categorized to streamline the follow-up process.

Seamlessly integrate with most major EAM, ERP, CMMS, AIM & Inspection Software.