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Telepresenz® Ops

Visualize Your Data

Regardless of where your people are in their processes, Telepresenze Ops enables you to see exactly where they are and better integrate your workforce with data they need.

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Powerful Features

Easy to deploy and intuitive to use with minimal learning curve
Share, view, and overlay documents, images, videos, and even 3D models
Markup directly on the user’s field-of-view for more direct, intuitive guidance
Admin, monitor, and coordinate mobile teams from a control room dashboard
Assign step-by-step tasks, get notified upon completion, and remote-in to review
Improve safety and productivity with hands free devices

Everything you need is securely accessible.

Smoothly run procedures in the field with unique checklists, forms, and live assistance from your team anywhere in the world. We offer public, private, cloud, and on-premises options so your workforce is truly connected.

Proven Technology

Secure: Meet compliance requirements and keep your communications secure with enterprise-grade encryption
Fully Customizable: Customize your deployment to meet your organization’s specific data capture, workflow, reporting, and IT/OT needs
Easy Integration: Quickly integrate with your existing CMMS, EAM, PDM, and ERP systems infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate with most major EAM, ERP, CMMS, AIM & Inspection Software.