Meet Indu Tolia, Creator and Founder of CARE4D and Now, Telepresenz®.

Meet Indu Tolia, Creator and Founder of CARE4D and Now, Telepresenz®.

Meet Indu Tolia, Creator and Founder of CARE4D and Now, Telepresenz®.

As an experienced business operator, investor and entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in the delivery of technology solutions and extensive experience leading IT programs, Indu Tolia has quite an extensive and impressive resume. Before her most current endeavors, Indu and her team have worked on several AR/VR and MR applications at CARE4D. These include a variety of educational AR products and projects allowing students to master topics ranging from Mathematics and English to Science curriculums covering Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences. Other projects included the integration of wearable technologies to create an interactive Virtual Solar System using the Hololens, Virtual control of unmanned rovers to detect areas of threat using the HTC-Vive VR system, VR Speech Training using Oculus Rift, to name a few. With these profound projects, a strong engineering background, and a fascination for all things ‘Technology’, Indu devoted herself to improving and encouraging education and remote guidance for the Enterprise with Telepresenz®. In her words, “Augmented Reality is a leading-edge immersive technology that naturally lends itself to engage, inspire and educate folks in any environment.”


Indu witnessed firsthand how residents in the Emergency Rooms were consulting with senior doctors to pinpoint and diagnose patients’ conditions in pursuit save lives. She was moved by their success. Seeing how other companies were saving thousands of dollars by getting remote teams the assistance they needed with no delays, touched and sparked Indu’s core values of enhancing education and training with technology. Indu expresses her gratitude to be able to walk alongside her customers as they realize the value that Telepresenz® is bringing. “…it is what keeps us passionate and committed to what we are doing!”


CARE4D has a K-12 supplemental education curriculum product infused with AR. Indu was concerned when she saw the outdated methods in which her children were learning and decided the ability to engage and teach this new generation of learners, needs to be revolutionized. Through meticulous consideration and devotion to perfect this product, Indu worked with educators and software engineers alike to achieve the epitome of an evolved and effective method of teaching. Having seen her success in this product only blossomed more innovative ideas to improve not only the knowledge of our children but also increase the productivity of technological Enterprises by providing real-time training and guidance. 


With this came Indu’s next venture, Telepresenz®. Telepresenz® is designed with the same technology frameworks as CARE4D. This software, when used with compatible glasses, allows Subject Matter Experts to connect with remote teams and provide real-time mentoring and instruction from anywhere in the world. The need for this technology was apparent when Indu realized that most organizations have fewer Senior SMEs and larger teams of less experienced folks that are in the field. Constant communication and consultation with engineers in this position have proven to be in high demand as they often need assistance when it comes to diagnosing and resolving issues as they work on complex equipment or processes. When utilizing Telepresenz® and the various AR toolsets built within the platform, organizations can be assured with greater certainty that not only will there be no errors in the work being performed by their remote teams, but also that knowledge transfer and retention is best as folks are learning on the job while under the supervision of an experienced SME.


Indu Tolia continues to impress the engineering industry with her innovative ideas and motivation to design a better tomorrow. Her passion knows no limits because she truly loves her work and strives for improvement. She shows much gratitude for her team as they share her values, taking pride in the work they do. The hard work of her and her team are validated by satisfied and impressed customers. Indu’s drive for the betterment of enterprise efficiencies gives hope to admirers of technological innovation across different verticals and internationally as well.

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